Package Engineering starts with an idea.

When it’s not done right, packaging can be an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process for companies trying to manage their packaging operations completely on their own. If you aren't careful, it can become a profit black hole.

Why? Because you are not a packaging professional (otherwise, you probably wouldn't be reading this page).

But, we are. And with our knowledge of the latest in packaging systems, design, and automation, we will work with you and your budget to determine the best way to help you achieve your goals, including: 

  • Cost-saving packaging solutions 
  • Scalable packaging automation and integration 
  • Packaging design and engineering services 
  • Comprehensive consultation to determine how to produce positive results



You probably don't spend as much as one of the top R&D companies in the world when you're developing your new product. But, you do spend time, money, and effort in developing your product. And if you don't stop to think about the design of the packaging then all of your hard work might be for nothing.

You just need someone or something to help you:

  • Reduce material usage
  • Minimize product damage
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce shipping costs

To be honest, packaging can be an overwhelming process. So, why not find someone who is trained in the latest packaging materials, technologies, methods, and designs?



What exactly do you need? It's hard to even know where to start. And if you don't know where to start, how will you know when you've gotten the right answer? It's time to call in the experts.


Do you know what you need? If not, how can you change anything?

When you get to the point of being completely overwhelmed and frustrated by your damage rates and how much profit you're losing, you know that there is a problem. But you probably can't pinpoint the problem. And if you don't know what it is, you certainly can't fix it.

That's when you call one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists come out and evaluate your total packaging process. They are able to look and listen, asking the right questions and learning more about your production process, your needs, and your ROI guidelines.

With those parameters in mind, they'll create a customized solution that right for you and your packaging program.

  • Maybe it's something as simple as changing the size of the boxes so that they better stack on the pallet.
  • Maybe it's a new internal packaging method that you hadn't considered.
  • Maybe it's a new pallet design that allows you to use less materials but achieve greater strength.

Whatever it is, we are specialists in packaging science and technology and will have the right answer for you, saving you material costs, labor cost, and, most importantly, returned product costs.

During the on-site evaluation, our Packaging Solutions Specialists will get to the root of any issues or problems you are facing. Their goal is to create the best solution for you: not just a temporary fix to get you through the next cycle. 

Customizing a plan of action with you and your goals in mind.

Our team has access to the latest design software and a relationship with a top-tier testing facility, meaning that they will be able to create the right solution for you, the first time. And because they’re completely material and product neutral, you’ll get the right solution, not the one with the highest profit margin.

And since the goal is to trim manufacturing costs and improve customer satisfaction, we make sure that our Packaging Systems Specialists are with you through implementation. Because what's the point of a customized plan meant to help you if you don't have someone to walk you through the steps?

From the development of packaging standards and specifications to communication with your team in order to ensure all aspects of the project are implemented effectively and efficiently, our engineers are in it for the long haul.

And during each step of the process, our team works with yours to validate the results, comparing the perfomance of the project to the anticipated plan and ROI and showing you quantifiable results like:

  • Productivity increases
  • Space efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Damage rate reductions
  • Material usage and cost reductions

Whether you need a new pallet configuration, in-line packaging automation for increased throughput, or new packaging materials, using the right modeling software and analysis, we’ll create the right fit. Because we believe packaging involves so much more than a box and that it deserves so much more than a standard, off-the-shelf solution.

  • ArtiosCAD
  • Solidworks
  • TOPS for Pallet Optimization


Packaging is so much more than just the box. It's about how you pack and how your product arrives. It's how your customer sees you and how you're seen in the marketplace. If you're experiencing damage, you've got the wrong packaging. It's time to call in a professional who can customize and implement a plan of action. 


Get our free Automation eBook.

It's been proven that converting to an automated packaging system can save you time and money. Automation is the key to productivity.

  • Damage Rate Decreases
  • Labor Rate Decreases
  • Process Improvements
  • Material Usage Decreases
  • Worker Safety Increases
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