What is Perfection?

Everyone has an angle on packaging perfection.
Automated, perfectly square stacked boxes are a pretty strong start.

If you're not aiming for packaging perfection, what exactly is your angle?

The intense focus on perfectly square cases may seem like something that only matters to a prefectionist, but non-square cases can actually lead to shipping damages. So, no, total perfection may not be possible, but the right angle greatly lowers packaging expenses. And if you want your boxes to be their best, it's time to get a case erector that is perfect. 

Case Erector - Greatly lower packaging expenses.

Surprisingly, cardbard boxes are pretty high-tech; when they are assembled perfectly, they offer impact, drop, and vibration damage protection, while offering uniform stacking and weight distribution. 

But the true power of a box’s protection is hidden within its walls; they have to be perfectly vertical to maximize strength. Perfectly vertical cases provide maximum crush resistance, which help with damage deterrence: boxes not assembled at a perfectly 90° angle can lose up to 30% of their original strength.  

  • Square cases support more weight. Improperly assembled cases lose up to 30% of their strength.  And that’s before you add in the rough ride that shipments endure.
  • Square cases stack better. Being able to pack boxes onto a pallet with straight sides allows for easier stretch wrapping and a decreased likelihood of damage during shipping.
  • Square cases pack better. Cases with a bit of a bow in the side or a twist in the box will make it more difficult to fill completely and will also reduce the protective capabilities of the boxes.

Many factors can affect the performance of corrugated boxes: temperature, humidity, storage conditions, degree of warp, the manufactured quality of the case blanks, dimensional accuracy, depth of score lines, wall thickness, flute size, and total amount of recycled content.

So, while few things are perfect, it is critical that your boxes are, so it's important to ensure that you're using automation. The impact of eliminating damage due to sloppy case erecting can be staggering.

Boxes must be sealed at a perfect 90* angle to achieve their maximum strength.

Boxes are highly cost-effective: they are a mere fraction of the cost of the products that they protect.  But that protection is only guaranteed when the box is perfectly assembled, ensuring that its structural integrity is intact and that it is capable of withstanding all the pressures that shipping will put on it. 

And, typically, that doesn't happen when cases are hand built and, partciularly, when they are hand sealed.

So, while few things are perfect, it is critical that your boxes are, so it's important to ensure that you're using automation. The impact of eliminating damage due to sloppy case erecting can be staggering. With an automated case sealing process, you'll not only enjoy savings, but the tranquailty of a smoothly running packaging line is a beautiful thing to witness. Like natural perfection in motion some might say.

If the need to save money through reduced expenditures is important, consider other ways of reducing costs so you aren’t reducing the integrity of your packaging.  

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