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Automating the end-of-line packaging process.

How can stretch wrap automation help your business?



By using stretch wrappers, creating stable loads and wrapping them properly, it's possible to recover up to as much as 50% of your potential lost products.

Labor Savings

With an average increase of 2% annually, labor costs continue to climb. Ensure maximum efficiency with wrapping speeds of up to 55 loads per hour with a single operator. That efficiency will free up employees to more useful operations.

Material Savings

Using stretch film machines vs. hand wrap can reduce film cost by 75%.


Useage Justification

If you're hand wrapping 20 or more loads per day, it's more cost-effective to use stretch wrap equipment than to wrap by hand. You could see an ROI in as little as 6 months when investing in stretch equipment.


Orion-LPS Wrapper



Stretch Wrapping pallet

Orion- RTA Wrapper


Stretch Wrap Automation
Take the first step towards improving your packaging operations.

Our eBook will:

  • Teach you the keywords to keep in mind as your investigate
  • Define the facilities that benefit the most from stretch machines
  • Give you 8 things to remember when selecting the right machine for your application
  • Show you the 4 main ways to justify the cost of the right piece of equipment 



It's time to automate the process.

Choosing the right end-of-line automation should be a careful consideration for any business. There are several factors to consider when making your choice. But first, you need to find out what is right for you.


Let's talk.

Everything you’ve read and all the research you’ve found says automating end-of-line packaging processes will help your overall goal of doing more business with less resources.

And, sure, it all sounds good, but how do you know if it’s right for your facility? Where do you start? What do you look for? And how are you going to convince your management team that the initial expense is worth it in the long run?





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