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B2B Packaging is a relationship.

It's more than just a transaction. It's a relationship: one built on trust and dedication to an outcome.
We're here to help you achieve the greatest outcome for your business.

When it comes to industrial packaging, it’s not just about the materials or the price.   

To us, industrial packaging is a relationship and is focused on the process: optimizing throughput, increasing efficiencies, and providing cost savings.  It’s about convenience and about how packaging can help, not hinder, your business goals.

In the world of packaging supplies, materials are the least of your worries: any shop can sell you boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.  When you find a vendor who will offer you pricing solely based on material cost (what we like to call "The Flea Market Mentality"), you’re already losing. Because you should be looking for someone who has experience, knowledge, and can offer proven packaging strategy and solutions.

The truth is that the cost of packaging is more than just the materials.  It’s the labor, the overhead, the shipping, and the damage.

Did you know that it actually costs anywhere from $35 and $500 just to issue a purchase order? Now imagine that PO is for materials that you may be saving a half a percent on. Was the cost worth it to save a few cents?

So, when you start to think in these terms, how much better is it to find a vendor who can help you through the whole process. Remember: this is about YOUR business, YOUR bottom line, and YOUR reputation. Make sure that the person on the other end of your packaging orders knows what they’re doing, not that they’re just trying to pad their numbers this month to ensure that they have a shot at that coveted golden trophy at the end of the quarter.

It’s not about nickels and dimes.  Your time is more valuable than that.  You want a fast response, a dedicated team, and an industrial packaging company that knows what the heck it's doing. 

You want a relationship. You're ready. And you're here. So, let's talk.


We're not here to sell you. We just want to give you the information you need to create the best packaging process for your business. And, if you work with us, that's just an added bonus. To us, packaging is a process and a relationship. It's one that allows us to add value, provide information, give you the data, and let you make the final decisions. We're not here to sell you on price; we're here to give you the info.