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Considering packaging supplies, should price really be the only point?


It is mistakenly assumed that packaging is just a commodity. And that pricing is all that should matter. Because once you get the lowest price, you've won. Right? 


Let's think about value instead of price from a different packaging point of view entirely, just as an example. For most consumer products, packaging design is often the deciding factor in a purchasing decision. We're taught not to judge a book by it's cover, but you know you totally do. And every day, as consumers, we're judging products by their packaging design. That classy label on that bottle of wine. That colorful leprechaun or that crazy Cap'n. Those are the reasons we buy.

Studies show that up to 70% of decisions at grocery stores are made at the point of purchase which means that packaging design is a critical component of how we choose what we buy.

So, would you be looking for the cheapest designer or a design firm with a proven track record at understanding the psychological motivators of color and composition? Sure, you'd absolutely save money in the short term with the cheap freelancer working out of his mom's basement, but your potential losses at the customer's point of purchase are immeasurable.

Unpuff your chest at a job well done, because even though you've saved big money on that initial invoice, you may have, unfortunately, gotten exactly what you payed for: a very costly, difficult lesson learned at best.

Now apply that same basic value principle to packaging supplies. Most industrial packaging may never be seen by the consumer, but they it do play a critical role in getting your product to your customer undamaged. 

That boring industrial packaging could be the difference between a one-time lost customer with nothing nice to post about your company and a satisfied customer for life that's spreading the good word all over the interwebz about your business acumen. Customer satisfaction: now that is a win you can be proud of.

That competive advantage, that win of landing a lifelong customer, is priceless. So, why should it be solely price driven? Reducing damaged product, improving supply chain efficiency, and providing protection against theft, counterfeiting, and tampering are all vital roles packaging plays. And all those components working together validate the return on any additional packaging investment you have to to make in "better," "stronger," or "more expensive" packaging.

Packaging supplies that get undamaged products to customers: Very cool.

Rather than trying to focus on a packaging product, consider all your challenges. Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture can really help you to understand the critical value that a knowledgeable packaging supplier can provide. And, sure, you can buy boxes, stretch film, labels, or bags from virtually anywhere, but now you're looking for a single source packaging partner that understands the difference between price and value, right?

Truthfully, if you don't feel like you have a valuable packaging program - a proactive packaging relationship like this right now - well, then, it might be time to chalk it up to a (valuable) lesson learned and move on. And there's one way to find out.

Pick up the phone. Let's talk.  

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