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Prepared for packaging automation or are you working on your resumé?


Thinking of automating some or all of your packaging process? Well, that's a big commitment. Are you sure you're ready? I think you are... because, honestly, if you're in looking into the process - the pros and cons, the costs and returns - you're ready. You get that there is an issue on your end and you're looking for a solution. Maybe your research is proactive (if so, kudos on your planning!) and maybe it's a little more reactive (don't worry, most people don't go looking for ways to spend more money until there is a major problem, so you're not alone). Either way, it's critical. And you've come to the right place. 

There could be any number of reasons why you're here: trying to figure out how to increase productivity and line flexibility, or maybe how to reduce rework or overhead. Some people are looking to maximize floor space. No matter your reason, we have something that can help.

Sure, packaging automation, with it's fancy machines and robots, may seem like a trendy idea. And, truthfully, it isn't an idea that every company will embrace.

Some companies still believe that automating the packaging process is just too expensive. But you're here. So, I'm guessing, somewhere deep down, you know better.

Because in truth, automating the packaging process is more than just another passing trend; it represents the future of how manufacturers will evaluate their processes. The flexibility, alone, allows manufacturers to automate a variety of processes while reducing changeover times and expensive tooling. 

Decrease packaging waste with process automation.

“Automating [aspects of the] manufacturing process [such as packaging] not only drives costs down, it improves quality, reduces waste and optimizes energy use. […The] application of automation is an essential ingredient in the sustainability of manufacturing businesses; automation will consequently increase a manufacturer’s competitive edge," contends Mike Wilson, Chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association.

In order to better help you dive into the automation decision process, check out these articles.

If you love them, share them and tell all your friends. If not, well, then maybe I was wrong, and you're just not ready yet. Either way, I hope you've learned something. 

We also created a full library of #PackagingKnowledge guides and we keep updating and adding to the list. These will help you learn about packaging supplies and how they all work together to create a harmonious, efficient work flow. #LetUsBeYourGuide 

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